In today's business environment there is clear consensus that Enterprise Integration provides companies with a strategic investment for improved processes, closer cooperation, and enhanced communication resulting in an attractive return on investment. The rapid advances in IT and changing environment in which the organizations operate today through the use of Internet to provide a backbone for electronic commerce and expanding the marketplace across the globe is making enterprise Application integration a critical business driver and an operational necessity. These advancements in the Internet and the growth of electronic commerce have helped organizations boost their production and profitability but at the same time they face stern barriers in running a productive and efficient IT enterprise - shrinking budgetary support, periodic upgrades of IT infrastructure and increasing market demands.

The immense knowledge and expertise required to deliver technology-enabled solutions makes choosing the correct Enterprise Integration investment a complicated decision. AMZNET can provide your business with the tools that extended enterprise applications like CRM, SCM and PRM to meet your current and future business needs. The full potential of these applications can never be realized without the technological “glue” that integrates them to one another and to your existing legacy systems and business processes. Organizations today deploy a diverse set of applications built across technology horizons that have been running for decades to meet their business needs. The integration challenges faced by business leaders have led to these disconnected applications residing either as "islands of automation", or "vertical application silos". Enterprise Application Integration offers to seamlessly put together these heterogeneous applications and processes to bring synergy to your business operations.

AMZNET’s end-to-end Enterprise Application Integration consulting and implementation services cover the entire spectrum of issues associated with the integration of your enterprise.

Our business centric Enterprise Application Integration and implementation methodology follows a four-step model given below:


Assessment of Enterprise Application Integration needs in terms of your current applications, business processes and existing system architecture.


Recommendation of Enterprise Application Integration strategy and implementation plan in terms of business processes to be reengineered, expected system architecture and potential benefits.


Selection of Enterprise Application Integration tools & components and their implementation.


Post implementation support.

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